5 Tips To Add Revenue on Fathers Day

1. No commission

Use Now Book It to sell your Father’s Day events commission free. Now Book It doesn’t clip the booking fees, only the Stripe merchant fee is applicable. Most ticketing platforms charge a %.

2. Seamless booking and payment

Whether you intend to take bookings in the regular way, or treat Father’s Day like an ‘event’, all bookings will seamlessly integrate with your booking diary. We can also build a waiting list and take deposits online. No more back and forth with credit card forms.

3. Upsell premium packages and gifts

Add upsells at the time of booking. Create booking options that include champagne, whisky on arrival, banquet menus, chocolates or gifts.

4. Marketing made easy

Add custom booking links directly from your website and social media to direct customers to the specific event on the booking diary.

5. Flexible table management

Create alternative layouts for your venue to maximise your seating area