6 Ways to Add Revenue This Mother’s Day

Now Book It Mother day

With Mother’s Day being less than a month away, now is the time to make buying gifts & organising events as easy as possible for your guests. According to Suncorp Australia, the total spend on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations in Australia is over $918 million per year, and we’re certain a big chunk of that goes towards eating out!

We’ve put together 6 tips to add revenue this Mother’s Day.

Upsell features

1. Upsells & gift cards

Generate additional revenue and allow customers to personalise their experience by adding upsells as an option on the booking journey. Think adding a dozen oysters or a bottle of champagne for the table!

SMS capabilities

2. Utilise the Database with Email Marketing

Let your customers know about your options. Remind them about the amazing experience they had recently and how mum will love it too!

Group Availability Widget

3. Group Availability Widget

Allows customers to see what availability you have in your other venues if the one they are trying to book is full.

Account Booking Widget

4. Seamless booking and payment

Whether you intend to take bookings in the regular way, or treat Mother’s Day like an ‘event’, all bookings will seamlessly integrate with your booking diary. We can also build a waiting list and take deposits online. No more back and forth with credit card forms.

POS Integrations

5. No commission

Use Now Book It to sell your Mother’s Day events commission free. Now Book It doesn’t clip the booking fees, only the Stripe merchant fee is applicable. Most ticketing platforms charge a %.

Function Tracker

6. Marketing made easy

Add custom booking links directly from your website and social media to direct customers to the specific event on the booking diary.