Australian-owned and operated, Triniteq specialises in feature-rich but affordable POS systems for hospitality businesses.

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About Triniteq

Triniteq is an Australian-owned company specialising in feature-rich but affordable POS systems for hospitality businesses. Our newest POS product, PowerEPOS, is easy to use and totally customisable. Australian-made and supported POS software means you can be confident in the quality and reliability of the system. From food trucks to large multi-site organisations, PowerEPOS is an essential tool for understanding your business, creating efficiencies, and making more money. Find out what our customers have to say.

How we work together?

By seamlessly sharing POS, bookings, gift vouchers, and customer data, the powerful connection between PowerEPOS and Now Book It helps hospitality operators increase revenue and engage with their customers more effectively.


Data continuously syncs between the two platforms which means that bookings made in Now Book It are continuously passed to PowerEPOS, ready to use at the POS.  POS information then gets passed back to Now Book It to update the booking screen, and for data collection and marketing purposes.

Table Statuses

Statuses help track customers through the stages of the customer journey from booking through to payment. Many statuses are available in both Now Book It and PowerEPOS and most are synced between the 2 systems.


Now it’s easy to take deposits and prepayments for bookings. Payments are processed through the NBI payment platform and applied to orders in PowerEPOS as credit, then decremented from the order value.

Gift Vouchers

Increase revenue by selling gift vouchers online through the Now Book It widget. Vouchers are then easily redeemed through PowerEPOS, applied as credit to the customer bill.

Customer Data

Customer data, including total spend and items ordered, is passed from PowerEPOS to Now Book It where it’s consolidated and ready for analysis, providing the information you need to produce targeted marketing campaigns for your venue.

PowerEPOS from Triniteq

PowerEPOS from Triniteq | Feature rich affordable POS

PowerEPOS + Now Book It will help take your business to the next level. Get in touch to find out more.