Now Book It

NBI Connect:

NBI Connect, is the a new Now Book It API that can be used to integrate with your product.

Some of the data and functionality of our API are listed below:

  • Connect to POS
  • Dashboard and reports with sales from POS data, connected to bookings and customers
  • Customer data
  • Booking information
  • Creation of bookings and walk-ins from your product
  • Service, time and table availability
  • Gift card creation and redemption with NBI giftcard app
  • Event creation
  • and more

How it works:

Via a simple API key with our NBI Connect Dashboard you and your team can be up and running with in minutes.

Please click on the button below if you would like enquire about an integration with NBI.


For a full list of all our API end points, our Swagger docs are located here – please complete the enquiry form and we will send you username and password to access the documentation, shortly after scheduling an initial meeting.

Swagger Docs

For more information on onboarding with our dev team to start your integration, details of API and User guides please see link below:

NBI Connect Docs


Here are some of our partners already using NBI connect: