Now Book It Features

Big news from the team at Now Book It!

​​​​It’s always been our mission to create the best online booking platform available. Over the past 12 months we’ve been collecting feedback, collating feature requests and observing restaurant industry trends.

We’re excited to announce our team of dedicated developers have been busy creating game-changing innovations!

Below is just a sample of the many features we’re working on which are live now, or rolling out from next month.

Restaurant table management software linking to POS

POS Integration

The feature we’re most excited about is POS integration. Get to know your customers better, boost your marketing capability and enhance the guest experience.

By having your POS and Now Book It in sync, booking status, pre-payments, and gift card redemptions are now working in perfect harmony.

Your marketing capabilities vastly improve as you’ll now be able to target customers with filters such as spend per head, unique dietaries or those who like expensive wine.

This is a game-changing integration with limitless benefits. Imagine being able to make recommendations based on past dining history or move big spenders up the standby list.

Intelligence Dashboard

Get real time, deep insights into your business operations. Make informed decisions that will increase revenue and overall profitability.


On a typical Wednesday night, is it better to accept two tables of two or one table of four? Or, how many walk-ins does that service period typically receive? What revenue does that particular service generate?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help restaurant managers set up their venue to maximise bookings and manage staff costs more effectively.

Widget 2.0 (ready now)

If you’re not already using the new widget, now’s the time to make the switch. Simply get in touch with your local Now Book It rep or call our customer service team to find out how easy it is.

Increase revenue with booking options and add-ons such as champagne on arrival or any other “upsell” during the booking process. This not only increases revenue but allows your customers to tailor their own dining experience.

Reduce empty tables as a result of cancellations as customers can now add themselves to your standby list on busy nights.

​​​​​​​It also has a new sleek design that is far more customisable and responsive across all devices.

Improved Payments Security

Stripe Radar (3D secure) helps ensure safe transactions for all payments including Gift Cards and is now free through Now Book It.

This will mitigate against the risk of receiving fraudulent transactions.

Click here for instructions on how to activate Stripe Radar (3D secure) if you are currently accepting payments in Now Book It through Stripe.

If you need help updating your widget, or to chat about our new features, please contact your local Representative, call 1800 256 726 or use the help feature within the dashboard.