Monetising Your Data – A Webinar Presented By Ken Burgin 

We all know that growing our database is important, but how do we turn that in to revenue growth?

As the amount of technology venues use increases both on and off premise, so does the ability to understand a lot more about diners than every before. Having a complete customer view of every visit and every transaction is now paramount to successful marketing.

​​​​​​​In this webinar, hosted by Hospitality legend Ken Burgin, discover how the best restaurant operators are gathering, leveraging and monetising their customer data without intrusion or disruption to service. The panel of experts will provide easy to apply insights in to the below topics as well as be available for an interactive question and answer session.

Watch Webinar Here

• How to best collect data and how you’re allowed to use it

• Profile guests and tailor offers to their interests

• Automated database marketing that is set and forget

• How to use existing customers to pivot and develop additional revenue streams

All 4 panellists bring a wealth of knowledge in Hospitality Marketing and Include:

 Alex Barron (Group Marketing Manager @ Applejack Hospitality)

 Kelly O’Loghlen (Owner @ Bomba Bar, Anada, Nomada, Samuel Pepy’s, Hey Tomorrow)

 Mark Sudweeks (Head of Restaurants @ Sprout / MyGuestList)

 Paddy McCrory (National Manager Australia and NZ @ Now Book It)

All webinar attendees will also go in the draw to win one of two prizes, generously donated by panellists Alex and Kelly.

$200 app credit for Applejack Hospitality
2 x Boxes of Hey Tomorrow​​​​​​​ Wine