Built by restaurant industry pro’s

Four years ago, a group of restaurateurs came together around a table. They were fed up with per booking fees, the high commission rates charged by third party platforms, and software that just didn’t do what they needed it to. They figured that there had to be a better way.

As a result, Now Book It was born. Based on the features that real business owners need, Now Book It is an online reservations system that ​works for ​ ​the benefit of restaurants ​ . Not for the benefit of a third party company that has nothing to do with your brand.

Easy to integrate

Now Book It™ is an online reservation system that fully integrates with your website, allowing customers to get a confirmed booking instantly online, with these bookings automatically populating your restaurant diary.

A major benefit of the booking system is that there are no ‘per booking fees’, making it a very affordable way to automate your diary. It’s well known that most other booking systems will use the customer’s information captured off your website to try and drive those customers to other restaurants in order to generate larger booking fees for them.

We believe that the customers that book through our system at your restaurant, are YOUR customers! The customer data that you capture from Now Book It™ is owned by you and available to you for future marketing.

example of a booking widget which enables restaurants to take oniline bookings
photo of cocktails in a restaurant

Now Book It disrupts the traditional reservations model by:

  • Eliminating per booking fees and providing its software at a low monthly subscription fee
  • Doing away with the third parties who try to take a cut of your business
  • Empowering restaurants to take bookings directly via their own website
  • Never touching your customer data—it goes directly to you to use in your own  marketing efforts, never ours.