Over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry

Having been involved in the hospitality industry for the past 21 years, helping over 12,000 restaurants market their businesses across Australia and New Zealand, we know how important your customers and their data is to the future of your venue.

Listening to the frustrations from many of our restaurant partners about the lack of quality options in the online booking arena was the driving force behind the creation of our brand Now Book It™.

Easy to integrate

Now Book It™ is an online reservation system that fully integrates with your website, allowing customers to get a confirmed booking instantly online, with these bookings automatically populating your restaurant diary.

A major benefit of the booking system is that there are no ‘per booking fees’, making it a very affordable way to automate your diary. It’s well known that most other booking systems will use the customer’s information captured off your website to try and drive those customers to other restaurants in order to generate larger booking fees for them.

We believe that the customers that book through our system at your restaurant, are YOUR customers! The customer data that you capture from Now Book It™ is owned by you and available to you for future marketing.

example of a booking widget which enables restaurants to take oniline bookings
photo of cocktails in a restaurant

No commissions per booking. Ever.

Now Book It™ not only addresses the cost issues (no commissions or per booking charges, just a low monthly licensing fee) but most importantly, keeps your customer’s marketing information where it belongs… with you. From the day to day service, to hosting events and weddings that require deposits or pre-payment, our platform makes running your restaurant more affordable and more profitable!