Gift A Restaurant

Gift A Restaurant

Gift A Restaurant is an Australian owned business that delivers restaurant gift cards into Corporates and Consumer gift card malls. If you want to reach corporates with your gift card sales, then Gift A restaurant is the FREE Now Book It integration that you need.

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About Gift A Restaurant 

Everything we do enables restauranteurs to sell more of their gift card products. Through integrations both in the restaurant via Now Book It and importantly with corporate partners, Gift A Restaurant makes your restaurant’s gift cards available through corporate sales channels reaching new, high quality, corporate customers.

Our major reseller channel partnerships are within the travelloyalty, and the gifting industries. Your restaurant’s brand is important and that is why it is our focus to deliver only decerning customers. By way of example, we partner with Luxury Escapes to bundle dining experiences into 5 star hotel packages, Virgin Velocity to enable frequent flyers to purchase gift cards with their loyalty points and with various corporate and personal gifting platforms to maximise your gift card sales.

As a restaurant focused business, we make it easy and seamless for you to reach corporate customers with your gift card products.

How we work together?

Now Book It is delighted to have fully integrated with Gift A Restaurant, a business that provides a wonderful opportunity to restauranteurs that want to sell more of their gift cards.

The HUGE benefit that Gift A Restaurant provides is that no in restaurant training is required, the integration is 100% seamless. The gift cards sold via Gift A Restaurant are the restaurants own gift card products and yes, if the gift card is never redeemed you (the restaurant) gets the breakage (unredeemed revenue from the gift card).

All gift cards sold via this integration seamlessly sit alongside the restaurants own organic sales and await redemption in the Now Book It portal, if your Now Book It portal is connected to your POS, then gift cards may also be redeemed through the POS. The Now Book It integration with Gift A restaurant is 100% seamless and because it is free to implement, there is no risk.

Selling Gift Cards 

Now Book It provides restaurants with a link to sell gift cards from their website, many restaurants also use this link to sell gift cards through their social media channels but often that’s where the reach normally ends. Gift A Restaurant adds countless new avenues to market for restaurants to sell their gift cards. If Now Book It is providing you with a gift card engine, then Gift A Restaurant is the petrol that makes that engine run really fast….

Data & Reporting

All data and reporting can be managed from the Now Book It platform. From the Gift Card Management page within your Now Book It portal, all gift cards sales, redemptions, cancelations, and balances can be accessed and viewed in real time. The team at Gift A Restaurant will work with you to help you best forecast your gift card performance, including breakage forecasts, sales averages and incremental spending that is generated.

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Gift A Restaurant

Realise the potential of your gift card products and accelerate your gift card sales with Gift A Restaurant.